Thursday, March 14, 2013


dinner at Dewan Puri, UKM.
For all Office Management Student...
This is all my classmate, 
BM 118

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TODAY..... ^_^

on 14 march 2013, Thursday .. I have done my my speaking test . I came early to college at 7 in the morning  and wait for the other at staff room seven. After a while waitng my partner khaliza, called me and she said that she  will meet  me at the same place.

After a while, then sir Adib came. His late for 20 minute! whereas i had waiting there for an hour....
But never mine.. THEN suddenly he said he forgot to bring a correct keys for the room that will be held our speaking test... After that sir adib gave us 20 minute to took our breakfast first while he searching for a correct keys for the rooms.

After 20 minute, we came again at staff room seven to do our speaking test. Okey, the test going well as i aspect it..  Before the the test held , sir adib had gave some explanations about how the test were going to be. There are three of us, after he gave the explanation then he past a question paper to us, we got to discuss about How To Make Sure The English Campaign going well .

After a few minute of discussion, then  i made a conclusion for the topic discuss about , then sir adib say thank to us for our cooperation, we also say thanks to him as him conducted the test today...



We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.

>> It mean that we can not change what that have been happen, just let it go and trying to change our attitude to become a better person everyday. 

If you have set your mind with a positive thinking, insyaallah nothing can stop you by doing a good thing.


During my free time, i love to cook .. I have learnt how to cook since i was eight years old.. Before that my late grandmother always ask me to help her at the kitchen, so i always look at the way of my grandmother cooking. And now i have know to cook a lot of dishes. Such as, Asam pedas, chicken kurma, chicken curry, tomyam and many more dishes i have learnt to cooked since i was eight.. So during my free time, the whole day i will do for the cooking. I will make my own menu for my family and i will cook it, without any help from my mom.  I just doing that, i feel like so close to my family. Because during working day, everybody are busy with their work. Only with that way i can make my family happy.

My Quatation...... ^_^

I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”

>> that quatation above is refer to my self.. I'm just a girl that have a lot of sin.. A sin to my parent, friend and everybody that know me. i'm just a normal person that have a done many wrong thing before. But i always trying to improve my self by not repeating the same mistake that i have done before ..

My dream Car

Everybody in this world want to have their own car , so do i .... Actually i love an antic car . My favourite car model car is Volkswegen Bittle . I would like to own it my self one day . I do love it more if the the model Yellow color.
ichoose the car as my favourite car becouse it is unique to me. The shape of the car and everything about the car is unique . I hope one day i can own it just to impress my self.

One Direction is my favourite band!

The song video above is one of my favourite song. The song are from "One Direction" band.
It is a chearful song. Light and suitable with young generation style.
There are five members of them. I alwasy listen to this song went i was bored or feeling unhappy.
Unfortunately,i could't remember the lyric so much...
huhuhu... so sorry guys! ^_^

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I just want to share with all my friends who might be read this blog..  The picture above is a ring that i was dream about.. I hope one day if i get married,  i want the same ring above were put at my finger.
There nothing wrong of dreaming on something... Who knows it can become reality..
^_^ it is beautiful right???   it just a simple ring with some diamond on it.. But it just look nice.. ^_^

somebody... please! present me A teddy bear!!

I always dreaming may oneday somebody would present me a teddy bear!
I want it so much!
becouse it is cute.... And it also can make me smile suddently after looking at it.
I love thing that can make me smile easily.. It make me happy..
I don't care, who might be given me this cute teddy bear, but i really hoping that person is the one who knows me well..
Since i was little i always dreaming , want to bought a teddy bear for my self.. but unfortunately, the price was to expensive, and i'm not affordabble to buy it my self..
But.. Insyaallah.... I will get it soon.. ^_^

My favourite Novel!

this is one of my favourite novel... i love the story line so much!
it tells about a true love between husband ang wife. That why the book was named as "Adam "and "Hawa"...
It is a romantic novel. Suite to all, to read this novel.. 
The author of this novel Named is Aisya Sofea.. I love to read all the novel that she
 wrote. Becouse went i read her handwritting i feel like it was real.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Familly Vacation.

  on 25 February 2013 me and my family had go to Cameron Highland for our family vacation..
We stay nearest at Tanah Rata .. My sister have booking an Atpartment there.. Our atperment named is Desa Anturium..
The wether there is so cold... Seriously!  but we have lot of fun there... ^^,
At the Cemeron Highland, my father had took us to see the strawbery farm, tea farm, rose farm , bee farm and we also manage to go to  the "Pasar Malam "... Wow! at the " Pasar Malam" most people wearing a sweater.. For those who can stand for the weahter their just wearing a normal t.shirt...

At the atpartment my mom cooked.. She made a wonderful dishes... It is very delicious...
One of the menus is bolganise spygetty  and tomatoes spygetty. Those of it is our favourite menu! ^^,

We also had capture a lots of picture there... We also do many games there.. Such as at night, me and all my siblings will playing congkak and  Monopoly...  Thats was really funs!

Oh ! before i forget.. before we reach to Cameron Highland, we manage to stop at the "Air Terjun" near Tapah.. We stop for a minute there to have tea time! ^^, before its raining...

After that, then we continue our trip to Cameron Highland, we arrive there at 5 in the evening...

I can say that was my happier time in my life...! Becouse we never had a family vacation like this..

my Dream!

actually since i was little my dream is want to be a teacher..

and i want to marry a pilot... That is my dream...

and i always stick to it... i never change my dream to other..

no matter what happen i will tried to fullfill it...

After i finnished my SPM two years ago, i had apply to futher my studies in Education field..

But want can i say, allah knows the best for me.. I did't manage to continue my studies to become a teacher... But..! i continued my studies in UITM programme, after week suddently i get a good news from my mom, she said that i can sign a contract as a leturer affter i finnished my Bachelor.. hmm....

Thank god! That i still have a change to become a teacher or leturer.. Those word are actually have a same meaning...

So , i will do my best to fullfill my dream!.. Pray for me..

  I want to help the overcome generation ,so their will become a success person one day...


about HIM


long time dont see... HAHA~
hmm... let me guesses..  My blog is quite boring right???
i'm really sorry for that...
today i just want to share some story about my " friend" ...
can you all guesses, somehow it could be he or she?????

OKEY FINE! just let me tell it!
first of all, let me show you guys a picture of him...

his name is  AIE.. actually that's was his nick name..
he is my really good friend..
We have know each other for nine month..
And please belive me... He is just my good friend...
althouhgt, he is such a nice person
but i must admite, that care about him just as a brother..
AIE live in Melacca..
We meet becouce i was studied there in INTERNASIONAL COLLEGE OF YAYASAN MELACCA
he is 20 years old, and he know how to cook..
and he cooked deliciously..! i'm not lying, becouse i had tried taste it...
nyum! nyum! EXCELLENT!
haha~  ^^,
actually, he made the dishes just for me.. Oh! how nice of him... ^^,
AIE also is very..very... and very an active person!!!
he know how to play foodball, badminton, "Sepak takraw" and futsal...
he also had won many trophy the for spot mentioned above..
okey that also him.. MY CUTE FRIEND FROM MELACCA...

Monday, December 24, 2012

My Favourite Actor

Hmmm... Who will be the lucky one??????

this is my FAVOURITE ACTOR....!!!
I think all of you have knew him... I'm i right????
hahaha.... of course you have knew him, his really famous in Malaysia...
His actually is a Singaporean actor. He was born in 23 February 1976. His real name is Aaron Muatapha Aziz.Commonly, know as Aaron Aziz. His already married. His wife name is Diyana Halik.And was blessed with 3 kids. His first son name Danish Anaqi, second was a girl named Dwi Ariana and youngest one named Dahlia Arissa.As we know aaron aziz is a well known actor in Malaysia and at Singapore.His had won many award for his talent. Such as, in Malaysia he had won, Best Male Actor in Supporting Role ( Anugerah Skin ), Most Popular Film Male actor ,  and Most Popular Artiste. In Singapore , he had won Best Male Artiste in Supporting Role, Most Popular Artist , Most Popular Artist Top 3 , Best Comedy Act and Most Popular Male Artiste. His famous drama in Malaysia is Nora Elena  and Adam Hawa. whereas, his famous Movies in Malaysia is Ombak Rindu and KL Gangster. Aaron has a very handsome face. His has a lot of female fans. He love to took a romantic role in drama. No wonder he has a lot of female fans.Hmm.., i never have a chance to meet him individually. But i really admire him. He never give up on something. He always try to took advantage to make a change of his life. He rather to do any kind of job that will challenge him. Not much i can share about him, because i don't him personally. In this blog, i just want to share my story with all the readers... =)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

MY caTs

This is My cats. Named Tomei and Zorro. Tomei is a persian cat whereas zorro is a Siamese.
it's already been 10 years i been with my cats. I loves cat so much. Actually before  this, i have more than 20 cats in my house. But after my late grandmother get sick, my mother have to give away my cat to other person who is really love a cat. It really sad because my mom have to do it . I miss all my cat. I still remembered all my cats named. To me, cat are really special. They have their own attitude.
My mom and i have a same hobby, we are really passion for cat. Every month my mom will took my cats to the clinic. To get my cat for injection for it health. My also mom will buy a bottle of vitamin for my cats and i will give the vitamin to my cat every day.Every 2 weeks, i will 'shower' my cats. I'll used a cat shampoo to clean up the fur. i love doing it. I fed my own cat with a health cat food. I  Trained my cat by my self. Such as,  I trained them how to defecate in the toilet. My cat are very special, they have their own attitude same as human too.
My favourite cat named Sheba.  She is female. I took care of her since she was a kitten. She very cute and friendly cat. She easy to make friend. She has a brown fur colour. She love to eat went she are boring. I love playing time with my cat. We really have fun. I love to look my cat cute face went their are exited playing. I usually used a small ball or a thin rope went playing with my cat. They usually will tried to catch it. . .
Not to forget, went you want to take care your pet make sure that know what to do. Please make sure that you will try to get know your pet as well as you can, so that you will understand them well. Animal also has a feeling. They will try to send a message with their word, and our job is try our best to understand it. Because Allah had awarded us with a brain....

Friday, December 21, 2012

My bEloved Neighbours

This is my neighbour... Her named is mary . I called her aunty mary, but recently i just called her aunty only. She has two children. Both of them are working. Her doughter had just get married last saturday. On 15 th December 2012. Her son are always busy working. Aunty Mary is very kind person. She already retire from her job. Now she only stay at home and do the house work.

She has two dog. Named Whity and Dongry.
It very cute and good dog. Sometimes went she go out for vacation, she will ask me to take care her dog. Not much i can do, i just help her to fed her dog. Her dog are not fussy, it easy to take care. It just eat whatever that i give. Such as, it will eat rice, bread, fried noodle etc. But i always ask aunty mary permission on what i will fed it. whity and Dongry are very smart dog, it will comes and look up to the person who called it. They know what time it should barking if they feel hungry or if they want to defecate. Aunty will let go her dog to do it "thing''.... Aunty maary would not allow her dog to poop down in the house. She really consernt about a healthy and clean environment.
Aunty mary loved gardening. She loves roses. On her free time, she will planting some flower on her garden. That all about my aunty mary.. She is nice person, love gardening, have two dog and two children. Maybe soon she will become a grandmother... hehe~

College Girl

On 25th November 2012 , sunday i had register my self at Kolej Teknologi Timur for UITM program Office Technologi and Managment. Actually, the was near from my house. It onlu took 10 minute to reach the college. Not much to story about the college, it's fine to me. althought, i only been study there in  2 month only. So, not much can  i said. I just want to focus on my studies there.
I have make a friends there, alhamdulilla. But i'm a bit worry about my studies. Althought this course sound easy to some people, but actually this course focus more to business studies.
I hope i can finish my studies here with a excellent pointer and graduted as a UITM student.
Before, i continue my study at KTT, a have received so many offer from many college and university. More than 30 offer. I also get offer from "Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah" and a offer to continue my studies in form six. But didn't except all the offer becouse, i didn't get my parent permission.
Suddenly, one day i received an offer letter for UTM program in Accounting. My father want me to except the offer, i just did it. Becouse since i was in primary school he always dreaming of me to become an accounting.The college located in Melacca. I go there with unhappy felling. Becouse to me the course was to hard and i'm not ready yet. But i tried to do my best there, unfornately i just can't do the best. I was so frustrated, went i  think it carefully i just can't let the matters couse more trouble, so i had to decide to get out from there. The place was good to me, but it's about me, yes!! i have made my parent dispointed of me. But atleast i have tried to do the best. I follow what they asked me to do, i tried to made them happy and proud, but it's all also about fate. If that, is not good to me, no matter how hard i tried, it will still not be mine. Allah knows the best for me, i belive all happen for reason. Yes! it's true.. i had to many disablity, i may not be  a perfect person to other, but i always tried not to repeat the pass..   
Now I in KTT..
I will do the best for me and my future! i want to fulfill my ambition to become a literer. Insyaallah with madam azi, sir hakim, sir faiq, madam fara, ustaz johan and miss madi  helps
i'll try to get a flying colour result.


This is about my family... For your informations i have a big family.
I have eight of sibling, and i were the sixth.
i have 2 eldest sister, 3 eldest brother and 2 younger brother.
My first sister is married. It's been 4 years already. Now she had two children, both of them are boys.
My father work as taxi  driver, he work at the LCCT terminal.
He work for 24 hours. That's true! i certainly, don't have a lot of time with my father. Althought, my father is a wokerholic person, but he is caring and loving. He never forget his responsiblity. He also is a romantic husband, liked my mother said. But if with children my father are very strick. In our family, we have a rules. We have to follow the rule such as, every day we have woke up early. Do our subuh prayer and can't sleep after that becouse  we have to continue do the house work , such as cooking, washing and tidying the house. I knew my father do that with a reason. He want to diciplines us. Love u abah... He always work hard for support us, with never complaining. May allah will protect him with all the bad thing.
hah!!!! not to forget my mother.... i love her so much...
she is caring and she always be beside went ever i needed.
She are very supportive women.Undestanding us in any situations. She never give up with anything in her life. We love her so much...
Back with my siblings.. My second sister now are studying in UITM jengka doing her bachelor in accounting.
I have three brother, all of them are ex Giatmara Student, three of them had graduated from giatmara with electrical certificate.Now they are working at PICC as a technician.
My both younger brother are in secondary school study in standard four and two.
Not much to tell about my family. We are so low profile and always made decision together. We will not do something if some of us didn't agree with the decision.
Our family Moto is together and never be apart. 

MY buddyzzz

Please.....! look up the picture first..then i will continue my story...
Let me introduce all of them first, in the first picture wearing red baju kurung named Aisyah and the handsome one name haizal...
in the second picture, the girl that wearing white "tudung" named adibah, the cute girl that put her hand on my shoulder named nurain and the last but least the girl who is standing beside nurain named ariffah..
They all, are my best friend, some of them i had knew since my secondary school. 
We never been apart, we always study and do our activities together.
We share a lot of thing together. All of them are good listener and adviser. If i had a troble to solve my problem, the first thing i will do is to asked them opinion.
Since now, we are all busy with our college activities we tried to keep our friendship well. Once for a week, we will contact each other.
i was hoping that our friendship will stay forever. I really miss my high school moment, becouse from there i had learnt how to make a friendship.. i had learnt how to care each other and i had learnt how to belive,trust and apricient the person that we love... 
Thank god, becouse awarded me a good friend loving and caring...



On Wednesday, 6th December 2012 my brother made an accident at Desa Vista juction. On that day he just sent me to college at 8 pm, becouse i had to attend my orentation activities. We are very close, after i get a called from my eldest sister that he made an accident , i suddenly cried. My body was shaking, i was so shock that timed, i can't imagine if inything happened to him. She told me that do not to worry, now she and my mother were followed the ambulance to Serdang Hospital, she ask me to wait for my eldest brothers to pick me up. Then i just left the orentation hall with hidayyah and aliyah accompanied me. On behalf, i was waiting my eldest brother to pick me up, suddenly my friend hiddayah, heard the guard telling someone about an accident he just saw on the Desa Vista juction, he said the accident was teribble. He saw a lot of blood flow out from my brother head and my brother was unconscious. After i knew my broher condition, my body was shaking again and i told the guard that was  my brother and i can't stop craying anymore.  On that time, the only thing that i care if about my brother!  i just hopping that nothing happened to him.
 i pray a lot that night. I also cried a lot that night and i did't manage to sleep that night.
He was admitted in Hospital Serdang. My brother was in ICU for 2 night. Becouse he get a serious injured on his skull.
After 4 day in Serdang Hospital, then he was transfer into KPJ Seremban for futher cheak up. He was in KPJ Seremban for 5 days . After, five day my brother get more better but doctor advice him not to do heavy thing and not to think a lot becouse it will effect his brain. Now he is still under doctor observation. He needs to get rest for 2 month.  He also need to do a follow up for his leg and eyes. After the accident, my brother had do an opperation for his leg also. Now he had difilcult to walk and to see clearly on his left eye. Doctor said, it will take time to cure. I just pray to allah, that he will get well soon.